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I make every effort to ensure that the pattern you recieve is correct. My patterns are looked at by several people but we are only human..... here are corrections.

Bundle Up Snowman BOM thru Marcus Fabrics-
Month 1 page 2
   For cream rectangle (C) - cut to measure 2 1/8" x 3" (not 2 1/2" x 3") 

   Month 6 Page 1

Pieced Snowball Border:

                From Grey fabric (2) cut:

                                8- 3” x 5 ½” rectangles

                Following the Bundle Up Quilt Layout Diagram 1 construct the borders using the snowball blocks and corner gray rectangles.

Woodland Getaway BOM thru Marcus Fabrics-
     Month 5 Page 1, Brown color 11 (not 4)

Blue Ribbon BOM thru Marcus Fabrics- (If your shop recieved patterns before April 20th you may need the corrections. All patterns recieved after this date have been corrected.)
     Month 2- You may need to cut 2 strips of fabric for the paper piecing
     Month 3- Bunting Block- The cream (1) fabric 2" x 5" should be labeled C, The cream (1) fabric 2" x 3        1/2" should be labeled B. The Red Fabric (5) should be Blue.
     Month 5- Orange should be referred to as Pink
     Month 6- You will make two of these blocks, you need to cut two sets of what is listed.
     Quilt border: The side strips have been reversed with the top and bottom strips....